mprove your recruiting process and work more efficiently - together

View applications together as a team and create a perfect applicant experience with individually deposited e-mail templates. With minimal effort, you give every applicant the feeling that they are right for you, no matter what the outcome of their application. Use our collaboration tools and work with each other instead of passing each other by.

Direct applications

Use the integrated digital application process and enable all potential candidates to apply directly with just a few clicks.

With Karriera you can organize your recruiting better and have all applicant information at a glance.

Individualized application process

Design your individual application process. Decide for each of your positions what information you need from the applicants. By individualising the process, you can ensure that each application meets the quality standards required for internal processing.

Fast and easy communication

Invite suitable candidates to an interview with just one click. Use individualized e-mail templates and improve the applicant experience at your company. Save your templates and use them for future communication.

Collaborative Working

Invite all members of your recruiting team and work together to fill your vacancies. Screen the candidates together and thus increase your chances of finding suitable candidates for the advertised vacancy.