Find your suitable applicants with a perfectly designed job ad

Customize the design for the industry or vacancy and ensure a perfect applicant experience. Thereby increase the number of excellent applications.

Integrated Job Ad Editor

Create the perfect ad in your corporate design. Choose the color and layout of your job ad and add your corporate logo.

Deposit multiple images with slide effect, or integrate your corporate video. With your individual design you communicate your company values to potential applicants.

Free design templates

Create your individual design or choose your favourite from several templates.

Ensure a high recognition value with your potential applicants and create a connection to your company.


Familiar design for the applicant
Clear and structured
Creates trust in your brand


Slideshow with multiple images
Image video for the best impression
Flexible layouts for better division

Corporate Design

High recognition value
Differentiation from competitors
Show the applicant your identity

Save and reuse templates

Just work more efficiently. Save your ads as a template and use the design for future vacancies later with just one click.

Increase the recognition value of your company through an internally coordinated design.